Cat or Dog?

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I am going to write up a few articles exposing the power of Convolutional Neural Networks in image detection. To begin with, we will attempt to recognize whether an image is a Cat or a Dog using a vanilla neural network.

Google Collab:

First I would like to recommend using google collab as you don’t need to install any pesky packages and can start your AI journey right away. All you need is a Gmail account, to follow this link and click File-> new notebook.

Once you create a new file press Edit -> NoteBook settings and using…

Throughout my travels within the Somali peninsula, of which I am still engaged, I have had the pleasure of meeting interesting characters of all shapes and sizes. People, unlike the western world, seemed a tad bit more animated in character albeit more conformist.

For example, in Hargeisa public conversation nearly always revolved around a core topic and finished with religion. The latter seemed to be mostly the main reason in which the local government should/had act/ed. …

The Lad

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Erwin Schrödinger are all people we might have heard about. They are a select few, in this cataclysmic ensemble we define as reality, to have branded their existences into the eternal bull of history.

Today, I wish to discuss how the concept of great ideas has been snatched away in the last 30 years by the “startup scene”.

I have no inclination to mince my words, I am utterly disgusted by the love the populace has formed for these pseudo-intellectual billionaires and their fanboys.

Jeff Bezos, for instance, is often grandiosely exclaimed as a genius…

If you don’t know where you are, please proceed to part 1 of this 4 part series.


We are finally here, we went from achieving a 65% accuracy peak to an 88% accuracy peak through the use of some data augmentation and convolutional neural networks.


Let’s see if we can do better, we want to hit the roof in terms of accuracy.

Pre-Trained convnet:

The number one reason for our data not reaching the heights of accuracy is the lack of data we have to train our system with. …

Cat or Dog?

Welcome back on our journey towards an effective Cat — Dog analyzer using Keras.

If you haven’t seen part 1 please go here.

For the rest of you, our previous neural network peaked approximately with a 65% validation accuracy rate. Our goal today is to use a convolutional neural network to enhance our classifier.


In the current architecture, we will not transform our dataset from RGB to gray. Thus we will repeat all the same steps for data preparation but ignore the RGB-Gray code block:

import numpy as np import tensorflow_datasets as tfds import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow.keras…

For years I have always perplexed myself with the question of self. How is the self a tangible, existing object when we can clearly see the variety of the human self over time? Whereby the stream of experience wades and thickens depending on the self’s state of mind in time and the past’s self’s actions. Thus it is no surprise I have concluded, the human self is an amalgamation of prior self-instances. Thus, the self is equivalent to the summed self from just before now until the point of absolute existence.

Since the point of existence is unknown and blurry…

I see now more clearly than ever that life is simply an endless collection of inconsequential moments spent in apathetic suffering. Man cannot stay alone for fear of excoriatingly depression, a mental illness swinging through his psyche for no reason but tumultuous regret bursting from his inner self. Instead of confronting the beautiful spirit, his inner suffering represents he recoils out of fear and yearns for the thorns of luxury. Cursed to hate his true self, Cursed to be lost for eternity and then some.

I have noticed men are truly nothing but a bundle of thoughts traversing,interconnectly through ill-conceived…

In our previous piece, Link, we discussed the lack of diversification evident within the Somali export market and its consequent impact. Today we will briefly view our animal-based export market.

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 Somali (2019) exports.

2019 Somalia Export Market(controversial)

As we can see, Somalia heavily relies on live animal exports. A substantial amount of these exports is sold to Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, and Oman. This inadvertently yields an economic security risk for Somalia, whereby disgruntled Arab nations can use live animal exports as leverage for their national interests.

Below we discuss some…

Somalia, as beloved as it is, is a 60-year long Greek tragedy. From a flourishing nation forged from patriotic zeal to, arguably, a textbook example of African ineptitude.

Somalia today suffers from the same problems facing dozens of other African countries: terrorism, poverty, creeping inequality, rampant extremism, and hypocrisy.

Yep, for the average Somali the situation is nightmarish. That said Somalia is getting better, albeit excruciatingly slowly, a system of governance is being implemented and swathes of Somalis are seeing an increase in their direct and economic security. …

After the Somali civil war, Somalia’s economy rapidly simplified to a livestock state. Whereby a livestock state is one which primarily relies on the proliferation and eventual auctioning of livestock, essentially a one-trick camel.

Somalia's’ product exports

This heavy reliance on livestock has its roots in Somalia’s ancient nomadic history. Somali nomads would travel throughout the country feeding their herds of camels for centuries and only occasionally settling in cities. This entwined relationship between Somali culture and camels yielded 46 different words for camel in Somali.

However, due to human-led climate change, the nomadic way of life has become unsustainable. Thus, for us…

Maxamed Sarinle

A Somali physicist, electrical engineer, Software enthusiast, and political enthusiast.

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